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You have a rendezvous with Duolingo this Valentines Day.

Have you had your daily lesson, in love? 

D&AD New Blood 2022 Submission for Duolingo

THE BRIEF: "You need to develop an idea that gets people back into their daily habit of learning a language and keeps them there"

OUR INSIGHT: Love is a metaphysical force that has the power to transcend language barriers, by using the power of love ❤︎ we can reinvigorate users to get back onto Duolingo.


THE IDEA / HOW WE REIGNITED THE FLAME: We wanted to rekindle an 'old flame', reigniting a passion for Duolingo. Our campaign targets young, existing users of the language learning service. We've interwoven Gary Chapmans concept of ' The 5 Love Languages' in a time-based roll out; inspiring users to acquire romantic phrases to charm that special someone on Valentines Day.

Case Study Video 




RMIT Advertising Top 10 


Art Direction: Alanna Caluya

Campaign Strategy: Alanna Caluya, Amelia Krolo, and Theresa Nguyen

Copywriting: Amelia Krolo

Video Editor: Theresa Nguyen 

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