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Creating motion for your mind through a digital support network with Gymshark.

Cannes Future Lions Submission 2022

THE BRIEF: "How do we empower people to build a better future for themselves and overcome the barrier they face to conditioning?"

OUR INSIGHT: Mental health and wellness is one of the top concerns of young people today (Mission Australia, 2021). Physical activity has been proven to reduce anxiety and mental health related illness through the release of endorphins. Similarly, the omnipresence of the digital world finds that engagement with media releases dopamine, another 'feel good' hormone.


OUR SOLUTION / AN INTERPLAY BETWEEN FITNESS AND DIGITAL USE: HealthShark is a digital support network that takes advantage of smart phones native health tracking functions. The plugin enforces positive social media interactions and daily movement. It collates users data, through daily activity logging initiatives, to personally curate and predict fitness solutions, later to be shared and celebrated with the GymShark community.

Case Study Video 





RMIT Advertising Top 5: Consultation with Daniel Pizzato of Clemenger BBDO


Art Direction: Alanna Caluya

Campaign Strategy: Alanna Caluya, Amelia Krolo, and Theresa Nguyen

Copywriting: Amelia Krolo

Video Editor: Theresa Nguyen 

Voice Over: Jackson O'Keffe

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